Steelhead Variations, Part IV

May 17, 2007

“The world he rests in, world he knows,
Perpetual curving…”
Rupert Brooke, The Fish

He was a dark form under water. He was the heart pounding in my ears. He was bent graphite. He was water and sky. He was upriver and down. He was perpetual curving. He was exhaustion and admiration.

Then he was gone.



  1. Excerpt from “Steelhead” by Robert Wrigley:

    “If we are lucky, we love enough
    to let him go. Unhooked, lightly held
    near the surface of a pool, he’ll sway
    and pulse, drift and flex.

    And in our numb fingers we’ll feel him
    come alive, the coil and re-coil
    of heart and hard flesh, the slick shot snaked
    toward oblivion, that pure dream of home.”

  2. Man, I hope that wasn’t your “Day 5 Quote”. 🙂

    I really love this week of steelhead Isaac. Even though I’m not so passionate about them as you are, I enjoy hearing you write about them. Makes me excited to check on the rivers on POW with you…

  3. That fish looks like he’s really fighting to get away. I really love this series TMF.

  4. I can’t believe that creature’s size. Did you not straddle his back and ride him back to your car.

  5. ?

  6. Opax-where do you come up with these?

    Belle Etoile-let’s explore the island together.


    Chindo-They make great ferries across rapids and surfboards..

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