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Steelhead Variations, Part Last

May 18, 2007

“Let’s drink to fishing,” Bill said.
“All right,” Nick said. “Gentlemen, I give you fishing.”
“All fishing,” Bill said. “Everywhere.”
“Fishing,” Nick said. “That’s what we drink to.”
-Ernest Hemingway, The Three Day Blow

We came a long way for this fish.

It’s not that she tailed out in one of the prettiest sections of one of the prettiest rivers we’ve fished. It’s not that we could see our faces in her skin. It’s not that she danced across the water on her tail. It’s not even that she was three feet long.

It’s because she was BV’s first steelhead.

You should have seen his face. Actually, I think the grin’s still there.

I caught a lot of fish two weekends ago, but I’m proudest of this one.

She’s what we call a Trip Fish. She’s the reason we made the trip, then she in turn made the trip.

Nick Adams would drink to that.