A Better Picture

May 30, 2007

I copied this text from my blogspot page dated June 5th, 2006. I found this picture when I was cleaning up my 2007 Situk River photos. I didn’t even know what it was until I zoomed in tight. Every steelhead I’ve ever caught did this. Note the S shape of the fish from tail to nose and the size of the fish’s head. For scale, the fish was 34 inches long. Click on photo for graphic detail.

Any other steelhead anglers ever notice the same?

“Never did a caudal appendage beat the sea with such violence.”
-Jules Verne, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

A tired steelhead will bend its body into an S. Then the current takes up the fight. The fisherman pulls, but the fish stays curved while the force of the water moves against its opponent. The powerful tail is set against the massive shoulders. All the fisherman can do is hold on tight and wait for the fish to relax. The fish knows that the river will not readily relinquish her most beautiful possessions. The fish knows that a man can not stop the river. But sometimes the fish does relax. It’s humbling and almost embarrassing that the battle ends only when the fish decides to let the river stop fighting.

Learning from his quarry: the contagious riverine form passes between the species.


  1. That is a beautiful description of such a natural wonder. And nearly 3 ft long–Steelhead are so amazing.

  2. Ok, I’m extremely impressed. That is soooo cool.

  3. I see the “s”. Great photo.

    I´ve never fish a stealhead, I´d like fight with one. May be if one day I go to Situk River…


  4. WOW. Awesome site. I really like it. If you get some time, tell me about the switch to WordPress. I use it for work actually, and I’m not as crazy about it. But this looks really good!

  5. Hey TMF-

    I have read most of your blog posts – wow. You have inspired me to write more from my heart.
    It is a breath of fresh air to see how fly fishing is interlaced in your realtionship with Jesus. I relate more with your musings than any fish-head out there.

    Thank you for the encouragement-


  6. Oh and yes I do fish the Sespe often.
    It’s not Alaska but it’s fishable,
    This season the flow is very low for prime fishing. It was a dry winter for us down here. I am taking a look at it tomorrow.


  7. Nice photo with the steelhead in slightly deep waters !

  8. Hi,
    my english isn`t very good so i only see the blog and the photos.Amazing photos and amazing trouts.
    Grettings from spain.
    My blog is http://www.pesca-mosca.blogspot.com

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