Papa Gotcha

June 17, 2007

You were so brave when you climbed the rope ladder at the park, but I could hear you whispering. When I came closer, I could hear the words: “Papa gotcha, Papa gotcha…” It made me proud to know I made you brave.

I hope you remember your words forever. Repeat them when you get on the school bus for the first time. And when you leave for college.

And maybe someday I’ll get to walk you down the aisle. You don’t have to say it out loud. Just know it’s true.

Papa will always help you be brave.



  1. Soooo beautiful TMF. You are such a good Papa and she is a blessed little girl. I am so proud of you and your family. Even now as you wing your way homeward to your family, I am praying for you all. Tears of gratefulness…

  2. Even still, it made me cry…

  3. That is so sweet. Definitely one for the make mom cry blog 🙂

  4. made me cry too!!

  5. Very sweet story. I think that’s what He wants us to remember as well. If only we had all had such a good example.

  6. Beautiful words. Very real, and right to the point. It is like a breathe of fresh air.

  7. I have enjoyed reading other blogs throughout the history of my membership here at BlogSpot. Some of the ones I enjoy to read are listed in the right column. But one in particular catches my eye, and almost always brings me to a complete stop as I think and imagine the beauty and emotion created inside his soul explaining his life around him. The “Madfichicist” does not post excessively long blogs. Most are a single photo of something that caught his eye that day. And under it he may post some words reflected on for that particular photo, or something that happened during the day. I have never left his sight bothered that I took the time to see “what’s new” with him.

    Today I came upon his newest post “Papa Gotcha,” and believe it can offer us encouragement. We are all striving to love others. It is the way God creates. He initiated love in this world, that we, although we are simply an attempt, can learn from Him what makes love unconditional and pure. There is not much of this left in the world. So when I see it, I grab on and thank the Lord for people who are examples of such love, faith, and comfort. My friend in Alaska, this is you. You are a portrayal of Jesus in your life, in your words, and in your family. I send blessings to you today. That you will feel encouraged and safe. That God will continue to speak to you, so as to encourage the world of little hope. You are a tool of the Lord.

    Here is the link to one of my favorites…but don’t stop there, the site is loaded with beauty!

    Posted By Olivia to Inspired By Grace at 7/09/2007 12:42:00 AM

  8. I’m humbled and grateful, Olivia. God bless.

  9. your writing gives me goosebumps and brings tears to my eyes.

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