Thorne River Ghosts

August 13, 2007

“I once had seen a ghost, and the ghost again possessed me.”
-Norman Maclean, Young Men and Fire

The setting sun made the old growth glow.

Beside the deer and the beaver and a small native cutthroat trout; beside the bear that convinced me to leave and the salmon he was after; beside the tannin-stained water and the caddis swarm the trout was after; beside the purple flowers I have never seen and the black moss and the raspberries; even beside all of this, the setting sun made the old growth glow.



  1. Whoa. Sooooo exciting for you as you explore your new world. Can’t wait for the posts to follow!

  2. Is this near your new homw? It is way cool.

  3. The Sun: A friend you will know more frequently in your new home.

    Welcome home.

  4. That is a great poem. Now The Mad Fishicist is not only mad, he is possessed.

  5. gorgeous

  6. I wrote back at the solstice that the sun is a god any human can worship. Welcome to your new cathedral. Beautiful post.

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