September 7, 2007

“When holy were the haunted forest boughs,
Holy the air, the water, and the fire…”
-John Keats, Ode to Psyche

In scores of migrants returning below the water and far above it, we have found beauty as it was intended.

On an island where few stay forever, we have found home.



  1. What an awesome site. What kind of fish are they? Did you catch any?

  2. oh, they are FISH…i couldn’t tell what this picture was at first…

  3. speaking of home…we would like to see some pictures of home…

  4. Yes–show and tell show and tell!!!!! Love you–can’t wait to be the first Martins to visit in OCtober!

  5. Great picture of a fishing hole. Where’s the fisherman that catches the fish?
    See you in October

  6. Hey Isaac – Did you get a chance to look at the Encourager blog?

  7. Well, that is a great sight.

  8. Amazing shot… what kind of salmon? Pinks?

  9. Those are pinks with a few silvers, chums, and reds mixed in. This week should show an increase in silvers and a significant decrease in the rest. Then steelhead.

  10. WOW!!

  11. Inspirational stuff. Love the poetry too….

    Try “Like The Touch Of Rain” Edward Thomas. You will enjoy I think.

  12. I love this shot. Wish I was there, wish we had runs like this back east.

    Tight Lines.

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