Getting there

November 27, 2007

“I’ve been on the sides deer-hunting and trout-fishing.”
-Robert Frost, The Mountain

One more deer will fill the freezer.

Then steelhead.



  1. How amazing it is to know you are gathering food for your family.
    It’s beyond my imagination. I’m proud of you son for all that you do to meet the needs of your family. Give all your girls a big hug from Pop Pop.

  2. He looks a little sleepy and youngish? Poor baby, but lucky you! Amazing TMF!

  3. Umm, TMF? His horns are orange.

  4. Two in one weekend. You are amazing. I noticed his “orange” horns too. Very cool.

  5. uummmmmm…Venison!!!!
    Our hunt begins next week and I am counting heavily on my father in law….I will be busy chasing silver.

  6. yeah, why are the horns a reddish-orange color?
    very cool!!

  7. why are the horns orange?

  8. TMF your in trouble. I look at blogs and i see dead deer.
    shame on you.
    your loving niece,
    tall girl

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