No Deer

December 8, 2007

“Like lost soul wailing, long and shrill,
A wolf howl cleaves the emptiness.”
-Robert Service, The Trapper’s Christmas Eve

I always thought wolves howled at the moon. This one howled at the sunrise, loud and low and long and lonesome.

And I wondered why I didn’t see a deer.



  1. Wow!!! Great pictures as always. Sorry about the “no deer”. Next time 🙂

  2. those footprints are amazing! What a cool amazing world you live in!

  3. From ‘When The Wolf Howls’ by J.I. Simmons:

    “When we behold the beauty of nature
    how can we not be impressed?”

  4. Very nice photo the first one.

  5. Very cool. Great shot of the prints. I was once standing on top of a pile of gravel in a quarry in northern Minnesota and our quiet midnight conversation was interrupted by a moose bellow, maybe a mile off, which was in turn quickly interrupted by the howling of wolves from the same vicinity. Frozen in my memory…

  6. wow, amazing pictures

  7. Nice shots…
    No fish??
    Hey forgive the Urban ignorance but what kind of tracks are those?
    We are currently buried in snow.

  8. Great job w/ the Robert Service.

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