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Best Laid Plans

January 5, 2008

Plan A:
Put in at Rio Beaver and float to its confluence with Thorne River–farther upstream than anybody has fished this season. Take your time fishing your own private drifts. Catch fish. Float home to Thorne Bay.

Plan B:
Observe fallen trees crossing Rio Beaver every 40 yards or less. Drag your raft downstream along the bank through, over, and under old growth windfalls, devil’s club, mud, and snow. Measure the biggest hemlock you’ve ever seen: 25 feet in circumference. Take a dip trying to cross the stream. Thank God for your life vest. Let a few devil’s club stalks whack the backs of your hands. This will produce a sensation that looks like it feels:

Each red dot is represented by a barbed and poisoned thorn embedded in your hand:

Make it to the Thorne way too late to fish.

Hurry to the bay just in time for this: