April 7, 2008

“Cutthroat, yes; cutpurse, no!”
-Victor Hugo, The Broken Pitcher 

Finally picked the right spot at the right time of the right day.

Although it took a few tries to pick the right fly.

photo #2 credit



  1. Beautiful. Congratulations!

  2. Nice fish!
    Dark eh?

  3. Gene-I’ve never caught a wild coastal cutthroat before. I thought all the fish I caught looked dark, but I don’t have a frame of reference. I’m pretty sure these fish overwintered in the lake, so I don’t know what their sea-run counterparts are supposed to look like. Can’t wait to find out!

  4. I seem to catch darker coastal cutts in the spring. I’m not sure, but I think they’re male spawning colors.

  5. I catch a lot of cutthroat on Vancouver Island and the are light color unless they are spawning. That fish definitely looks like it is ready to spawn. A sea run cutthroat is very silver, not the green / silver of a lake cuttroat

  6. congrats!

  7. Hey did you cut that trout’s throat?? ha
    Oh, the Bead Headed Nymph!

  8. Trout, Be aware! The Mad Fishicist has returned!

  9. Beautiful!

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