November 5, 2008


“When the trout is rising to the fly, the salmon to the fall.”
-William Allingham, The Winding Banks of Erne 

The salmon come here following some genetic impulse.  The trout come following the salmon. 

You know why I’m here.



  1. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! Great shot. I remember seeing that for the first time on the Russian River! What glorious testimony to the power of creation.

  2. Awesome picture.
    The Steelies are just starting to show up in this neck of the woods.

  3. Do you take these shots? How fast is the shutter speed going? Do you see bears often? How are your beautiful daughters?

  4. Hey Gene–looking forward to reading about your steely winter as always.

    Olivia–Girls are awesome and growing like mad (jolie better grow quick; number three’s due in April)! We don’t see bears often on the island, but they’re everywhere. Usually we see tracks or giant black rumps disappearing into the brush.

    shutter speed: 1/640
    aperture: f/5.6
    lens: long

    thanks for checking in

  5. My friend,
    I know why you are there. Keep on doing what makes you come alive because the world doesn’t need dead men.

    In Asia for the next couple of weeks. Anna is meeting me in Japan in a few days. How’s the buck or doe?
    Email me amigo.
    hope you and the fam are well.

  6. Beautiful picture. That is one wriggly fish!

    Also, Cake Wrecks was really funny.

    Congrats on little to be named #3. I highly recommend a girl. As one of three sisters, well, there’s nothing quite like it. Boys are cool too though. 🙂

  7. That shot makes me hungry for water and dark shapes.

  8. That is an amazing shot. Fantastic.

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