July Fishing Report, Silver Edition

July 20, 2009

“Are you not afraid that one salmon more will sink your boat?”
-Victor Hugo, The Closet 

Trout fishing has slowed way down.

Thank goodness.  

photo by fullcurl


  1. What amazing pictures! Know you’re having quite a time!

  2. Nice fish!

  3. Hey! My husband is a big fan of your blog & reads you a lot. He is fishing on POW right now & will be there until October. If you see a big guy with a pony-tail & silver beard (looks like Jeremiah Johnson) in a red pickup truck w/ camper on it, and with New York plates, please stop by & say hi to Doug. Also meet Glock, our yellow Lab.

    Good fishing to you!
    Parish, NY

  4. Kitty! This is so funny! Just an hour ago I passed his truck at Gravelly Creek and commented to my brother that the same truck was here for a few months last year and that the guy fished every day. I will definitely stop and introduce myself.

    • Thanks for saying hi to Doug. I talked to him last night (Friday) and the first thing he told me was that you stopped by & shook his hand.

      Hope the silvers are on their way in!

      Warm regards,

  5. What a big wide world web we weave!

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