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August Fishing Report: The Humpy Sessions

August 30, 2009

“O dinna think, my pretty pink,
But I can live without thee…”
Robert Burns,  Song-Here’s to thy health, my bonnie lass

Pinks are back.  They brought more cutthroat and dolly varden with them.  Been fishing a lot.  Catching a lot.  One deer on the ground; gallons of berries and more to come; chicken of the woods dehydrated for the winter; three cords of firewood cut; halibut and salmon caught, fletched, and frozen or smoked; crab pot is producing well. The weather’s turned early, and we’re ready.

It’s a bounty by which we are humbled and for which we are grateful.

It also means I can keep after the trout, at least until the river busts.  

Photo Credit: The Chindo

Photo Credit: The Chindo