August Fishing Report: The Humpy Sessions

August 30, 2009

“O dinna think, my pretty pink,
But I can live without thee…”
Robert Burns,  Song-Here’s to thy health, my bonnie lass

Pinks are back.  They brought more cutthroat and dolly varden with them.  Been fishing a lot.  Catching a lot.  One deer on the ground; gallons of berries and more to come; chicken of the woods dehydrated for the winter; three cords of firewood cut; halibut and salmon caught, fletched, and frozen or smoked; crab pot is producing well. The weather’s turned early, and we’re ready.

It’s a bounty by which we are humbled and for which we are grateful.

It also means I can keep after the trout, at least until the river busts.  

Photo Credit: The Chindo

Photo Credit: The Chindo


  1. Great pictures. Especially the one in the foggy forest. Something tells me it’s not like this in Connecticut. (Something tells me not even The Pottery Barn will make up for the lack of it.) So I shall have to live vicariously until Aaron and I return. Until then, happy hunting, fishing, and gathering…

  2. Thanks Sally–I’ll do my best to keep you mentally in the state. Ever had chicken of the woods?

  3. These photos are nothing short of glorious Ike!

  4. Sounds like pure heaven to me!

  5. Shawn-
    Thanks for stopping by. We’re in line for our first family dog–a german shorthaired pointer. He’ll be a hunting dog for sure, but I hope I’m able to use your blog for tips on how to get it right. Take care.

  6. TMF…Can’t wait to read about your new puppy! If you ever get a chance, can you write a post about Arctic Charr and Dolly fishing? I’d love to do that some time in my life!


  7. Hey Shawn-
    I’ve been catching dollies like mad lately. They’re gorging on pink salmon eggs at the moment. Will do a post when I’m done catching. It’s really a blast, although the real treasure is the occasional giant coastal cutthroat or rainbow you may get out of the dolly explosion. We won’t get our puppy until next spring, but we’re using this fall and winter to prepare.

  8. Great photos!
    You have a special life by the looks and sounds of it.
    Thx for sharing.
    Dog days here…but October is coming…and I am bringing my ‘A’ Game..lol
    More like my ‘F’ or ‘H’ Game

  9. Hey, Isaac & Katie:

    Get ready – Doug and Glock leave Saturay the 24th for POW. You should see them on/around the 31st in the big red truck camper with NY plates. Please stop by & say hello. 🙂

    Warm regards,

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