In Summary

January 17, 2011

To recap:

Since October 12, 2009, I bought this:

Which gave me a view of this:

Which inspired me to get one of these:

Who turned in to one of these:

Which meant I had to build this:

Also I managed enough of this:

To help me afford a trip or two across the island for stuff like this:

Before I had to go collect five or six of these:

To feed them:

Also got a baby boy.  See previous post for evidence.

If I remember anything else worth mentioning from the past 463 days, I’ll post it here.  If anything good happens from here on out, I’ll post that here too.

Till then, there’s a project I’m working on.  I’ll write more about that later.


  1. I’m so excited for you guys. What an amazing location and beautiful family. Congrats! Amy sometimes passes on snippets of news. It’s always fun to hear what’s going on with you guys. Never a dull moment I can imagine!

    Aaron and I just had a little boy in the fall. Andrew was born on Sept. 29th. He looks like me more in the face but has Aaron’s tall, slim build.

    We’re still in Connecticut for now, but have plans to move to Seattle as soon as Aaron can find a good job out there. With Andrew here now it will be nice to be closer to Aaron’s family in BC and mine in Alaska.

    Hopefully one of these days we’ll be able to make a trip to PWI. Considering its size, it’s funny that I know two families there. In my estimation that warrants an excursion.

    Happy New Year,


  2. COngrats on your new baby boy! He is going to have so much fun with you on all your adventures!

  3. Great location! You’ve got it all sorted out. Lovely little family, adventures and a dog. What’s missing? Not much.

  4. Hey Sally! I’ll bet your Andrew’s been around the block a time or two by now. Maybe he’d like to give Everett some advice. See you on the island.

    Hey Olivia & Bryan! Been keeping up all these years. Thanks for checking in.

    Hey DBX! Not much except maybe a trip to Tomorrow. Maybe someday.


  5. Oh wow….eloquently said!

  6. Looks like the good life from all angles.

  7. just wanted to jump in and say hey, mf. it’s been awhile since i’ve checked out your site and posted. love your still framed poetic summary. cool stuff.

    hope all is well with you and your family.

    your HHF bud in LA

    ‘who travels the concrete streams the cars may go
    conducting my business to and fro.’

    (apologies to RLS)

    • Hey Joe,
      Thanks for sticking around. Where in LA do you live? My sister and her family just moved to AK from Simi, and my parents live in in Winnetka.
      Take care.

  8. thanks for saying hey, mf. i was cleaning out old bookmarks and came upon yours. had to check out what you were up to. glad i did.

    i live in the east valley, studio city. a couple of clicks north and west of universal studios. i’m a second gen la boy. my 92 year old dad was born in hollywood. i spent my first ten there, as well. then, we moved to the east SF valley til present.

    hmmm, winnetka. i know the area. i’m guessing your folks did not move there to retire, so they might have been there a bit. did you live in the valley as a kid?

    i know simi, too. did anyone go to royal hs o’er the years? if so, there’s a good chance they had my brother as a math teacher.

    big small world, eh?

    if it’s cool, i’ll continue to ‘stick around and laugh awhile.’

    your bud in la

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