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Rainbow Variations III

October 12, 2008

“…pleasure is a wanton trout…”
-Robert Burns,
Song–Gudewife, count the lawin

There were bigger fish in the little creek.  I know because I hooked and lost three of them.  Biggest trout I’ve ever seen.  I’d like to say my problem was all the bears, but really I think the fish just out-played me.

Somehow I’m okay with that.


Rainbow Variations II

October 5, 2008

“I don’t need to know what trout taste like. There’s enough salmon here for me and the bears.”
-J. Andrew Warren, Unnamed Alaskan Trout Streams

Catch and release:
Try to count his spots. Come up with a name for the color in his cheek. Guess how long he is. Then let him go, and spend the rest of your life trying to catch him again.


Rainbow Variations

October 1, 2008

“What is it about fly fishing for trout that makes me never want to stop?”
-J. Andrew Warren, Unnamed Alaskan Trout Streams 

We write a new chapter every time we fish new water.  This one’s called Big Fish in Little Water.